Frank Baker

Published Works


The Twisted Tree (1935)
The Birds (1936)
Miss Hargreaves (1940)
Allanayr (1941)
Sweet Chariot (1942)
Playing With Punch (1944)
Mr Allenby Loses the Way (1945)
Before I Go Hence (1946)
Embers (1946)
The Downs So Free (1948)
My Friend the Enemy (1948)
Blessed Are They (1951)
Lease of Life (1954)
Talk of the Devil (1956)
Teresa: A Journey Out of Time (1961)


Stories of the Strange and Sinister (1983)

Non fiction / Autobiographical

The Road Was Free (1948)
I Follow But Myself (1968)
Call of Cornwall (1976)

Anthologies containing stories by Frank Baker

At Close of Eve (1947)
The Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories (1966)

Short stories ('Stories of the Strange and Sinister')

Art Thou Languid? (1947)
In the Steam Room (1966)
The Chocolate Box (1973)
The Green Steps (1974)
The Sack (1977)
Tyme Tryeth Troth (1979)
Coombe Morwen (1983)
Flowers I Leave You (1983)
My Lady Sweet, Arise (1983)
Quintin Claribel (1983)

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