Frank Baker

Author : 1908 - 1983

Frank Baker was the author of several fantastic novels and short stories, many of which continue to delight readers worldwide. This site has been created by his surviving family and is dedicated to his memory and his work. On this site -

      'The Birds' by Frank Baker - an inspiration for Hitchock and Du Maurier?

      The Official Biography Of Frank Baker, by Paul Newman

      The Debt I Owe to Miss Hargreaves (and Frank Baker), by Brian Sibley

      A Summary Biography

      A List Of Frank Baker's Published Works

Elsewhere online -

      'The Day of the Claw: A Synoptic Account of Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds', by Ken Mogg.
      - includes comparative references to Frank's Birds

      Buy 'Miss Hargreaves' By Frank Baker - a new edition of the 1940 novel, from Bloomsbury Press

      Buy 'The Birds' By Frank Baker - an authoritative new edition of the 1939 novel, by Valencourt Books

      Invisible Ink - a short article on Frank Baker published in The Independent

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      Wikipedia entry for Frank Baker

Contact site author Gabriel (Frank's grandson)